Body Sculpture is easy—even for patients who live out of town.

Every week, our office has several patients who drive or fly in for their initial consultation. There are many hotels, shops and restaurants within walking distance.

Do we treat out of town patients?

Yes.  Domestic and international patients are welcome. Several patients fly in for their appointment every week.  After your appointment, you will be given all the medications and information that you need to meet your Body Sculpture goal.  Follow up appointments can be done over the phone. Our office has fluent English and Spanish speaking staff.

Do I need a consultation first?

Yes. If you are under age 60, in good general health, and have not previously had liposuction in the areas you would like treated, consultations are not required.  If you do not have the opportunity to schedule a consultation before your procedure, our staff will spend extra time with you immediately before the procedure begins to make sure all your questions and concerns are answered. If you do not meet the requirements, please email pictures of the areas you would like treated along with your basic medical history to our office at.

What if I make an appointment but I am not a good candidate?

If you have not previously had a consultation with our staff and you arrive for your appointment and our staff does not think you are a good candidate or you are not pleased with the anticipated results we explain to you, you will be refunded 100% of your deposit.

What is the closest airport?

The closest airport is ATL. Depending on traffic, the drive from ATL to our office is between 30 and 50 minutes.


How early should I arrive for my appointment?

Due to the unpredictable nature of travel, please plan your flight schedule so that you arrive several hours or the day before your appointment. Our appointment schedule is set in advance and we cannot accommodate patients who do not arrive on time for their appointment.  Please arrive on time for your appointment.

Do I need to bring anything or purchase supplies before my procedure?

No. You will be given all the medications, supplies and  instructions you will need for your recovery.  Please download and read the pre-procedure and post-procedure instructions before arriving.

Are follow up appointments required?

Follow up appointments for our out of town patients is recommended to maximize your Body Sculpture. Our office will help you to schedule your weekly follow up appointments.